Today we finally don the most awaited apparel of our lives.DSCN0322


Our uniforms debuted when Atty. Ulpiano Sarmiento made an appearance and gave us a talk about Education Laws

DSCN0287DSCN0288DSCN0289Hi James, Mang, te Annaliza, Mab and Kai ❤DSCN0485DSCN0487

Where are the others?DSCN0471DSCN0472DSCN0473DSCN0474DSCN0475DSCN0476DSCN0477DSCN0479DSCN0481DSCN0482DSCN0483DSCN0484DSCN0485DSCN0486DSCN0487DSCN0488DSCN0489DSCN0490DSCN0491DSCN0492DSCN0493DSCN0494

I’m just gonna leave these here.


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