How to do Baguio

I still can’t believe that the other night I was in Baguio. It has never occurred to me to daydream of travelling to it because I don’t like going places where a lot of people have also went to; I love to explore. But, as it turns out, Baguio was worth my type because one never knows what’s in store for him/herself.

For starters, I will enumerate some tips on how to travel Baguio, if you’re like me who loves doing things alone at least. Either way, I hope you’ll find these tips helpful if you ever find yourself in the City of Pines.

  • Travel lightI had the mistake of packing too much clothes because I thought I can’t do my laundry there. Plus I also expected to, like, change clothes every time needed. It’s not about the cold water but it’s more because of our itinerary.

First day there and we didn’t even change our travelling clothes because we had to fix our breakfast immediately. We resorted to save time and hurry to their public market.

  •  Go easy on walking its roads.

I used to only associate Baguio with only two words: cold and strawberries. While it is correct to say so, there are a whole lot of words out there that will help in giving Baguio a clearer description.

For actually, aside from being the City of Pines, Baguio is the City of Roller Coaster-like Roads. It was then that I realized that Baguio isn’t just a cold city– it’s a concrete mountain hence the weather aaand the roads.

If you’re not used to walking long distances, then better get your soles ready if you’d like to trek Baguio because the roads will always test your leg strength with its ups and downs and not to mention your alertness when it comes to evading their rushing taxis because their roads don’t have enough sidewalk space.

  • Invest on functional and fashionable protection-for-cold pieces

    As I have said, Baguio is cold especially in the afternoon. We wore these in the morning when we went to the Strawberry Farm, Mine’s View, and the Mansion, although we did dare to still don these unreasonable outfits later for the night market in Baguio’s session road.

  • Try their strawberry ice cream!


  • Visit the Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary


We really thought that this was a church first but we later found out it was actually a seminary. We expected for seminarians to pop out and gasp at the sudden female appearance in their campus but there was none– like it was super desolate that it was close to haunted. Jk. Well anyway, we explored the place and was amazed by how gorgeous it was!

They had huge field beyond to play sports with!

  • Last, bring just the right amount of money

Souvenir vendors will always tell you what they want you to do but always be careful where you spend your money on because there are a lot of places selling the same item with differing prices.

I suggest buying stuff from the Mine’s View since I’ve found out theirs is cheaper. And of course, you can never go wrong and short with the Night Market.

I know there’s more to learn about Baguio, what other tips can you give?


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