From San Roque to SM City Baguio: A Walk

Baguio fools you to thinking it’s a wide city by its winding paths. Put on your flats, pack on some snacks and save some cash by exploring Baguio the unconventional way– walking.

One tip given to first-time travellers to a certain place is to stick to an itinerary. It makes your exploits smoother, your mind clearer and your days on point because everything is already laid and planned out.

We–Pinky, Joy and I– defied that tip though. On our last day, we decided to ditch a ride and walk the city of Baguio from San Roque Village by ourselves. No maps, no GPS, no nothing. Just plain Adventure-Time-spirit.

Here were the stops we made during that almost five-hour trek.

  • Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary

We didn’t have any idea what this place was until we entered! Haha, I’ve already posted the deets about this place in my other Baguio post so here are more pictures for proof of its pretty surroundings.




  • Session Road

I cannot believe we made it this far! Of course there were other stops we made  (7 Eleven) but nothing will  beat this one.We expected we’d be too far away! Told ya Baguio’s not that large!

Here is where the Night Market is situated. If you plan on going there then be ready at 9 pm 😉

  • Burnham Park

It’s understandable that we’re able to make a stop here since it’s actually just next to the Session Road

We were fortunate to catch a show of the Dancing Fountain.

Single bicycles cost P 40 per 30 minutes while those that have sidecars cost P 50


There’s a boat ride in the shape and figures of animals and popular cartoons for P 100, I think 😉

we didn’t try on riding one since it was pretty dark already.

  • SM City Baguio

The only shopping mall that needs no AC #TheSassIsReal

Personally, I’m not quite impressed with its interior structure and design (there’s a huge column in the center and you can’t see what’s on the other side of the mall; you have to go around causing waste of time), the SM City of Baguio makes up for its lit trees and hedges in front of the mall. So #InstaWorthy


It’s a curtain of shimmering sparkling splendid lights.It’s a curtain of shimmering sparkling splendid lights.It’s a curtain of shimmering sparkling splendid lights.

Just in case we think it isn’t real.

Next post will be all about our faces– selfies and groufies. You know, despicable, guilty pleasures.


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