Baguio November 23-24, 2015

I wasn’t able to accurately calculate the number of hours we had to make to reach Baguio but it sure was tiring. We departed at 7 in the evening of November 23, arrived at 10:15 in NAIA and at 5:50 am the next day, we were finally in the City of Pines.


We first made residence in a quaint village named San Roque; it was so pretty!

Still ready for snaps despite the jet lag and lack of proper sleep


Daybreak ♥


Sneaks are forever staple.

First agenda: breakfast. Kuya Nars, Joy, Pinky, Shanine and I volunteered to do the shopping of goods in the market. Weeee.

Baguio be like: “woke up like this”. Ugh, just look how beautiful this place is. It’s nice to know that there exists a place that has Mother Nature still intact amidst its rapid modernization.

We had fun taking in all the sights of their market, which I failed to take pictures of because the cam’s battery died 😦

I guess that’s a reason for me to go back someday? *hands folded*



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