Main purpose begins!

We were up early for opening ceremony which was nothing short of wow. Clearly everyone had this day marked on their calendars because the hall was full of delegates, the intermission numbers done lively and the whole setup grand.

Welcome to the 36th PACSA Convention! #PACSA36th

We were welcomed by a message by the president of Jose Rizal University, Dr. Flabella.

Unforgettable point from his talk:

“Grades suck”

Lols, not really.DSCN1340

Robert, Shanine and Pinkai. Oh, and a photobombing Donald.DSCN1342

Hi Donald, Sir Zaldy and Joy
DSCN1343DSCN1344DSCN1345Hi Bry, Lady, Hector and Clarisse!DSCN1346DSCN1347

Hi Kuya Nars, Edem, Kuya Randz, Maehara and Florynce 😀

The guys in blue are the delegates from the Holy Cross Academy of Davao City.DSCN1338

Digos represent! Team #CorJesuCollege ♥

#PACSA36th  has officially started!DSCN1355

We were then told to hold a meeting with the delegates of the same region. The Mindanao region (that’s where we belong) were place at the back of the hall that overlooks this surreal view.

PS. That’s SM with a tent-like structure at the top.

We were to have an election of officers and selection of contestants for the different events to be held the next day onward.

The events are the following (if my memory serves me well):

Extemporaneous Speaking, Charcoal Painting, Photo Storyline, Photography, Mr. and Ms. PACSL, PACSA Ambassador and Ambassadress, Contemporary Dance, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet,  Essay Writing, Pagsusulat ng Sanaysay, and Pagkukuwento.DSCN1356

Stay gold.DSCN1357

Baguio, y u so cute?DSCN1362

Can’t wait for the meeting to end.DSCN1371

The Crown Legacy Hotel at night.

Speaking of, good night! The next day means for us to hustle.


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