DSCN0016Ugh my handwriting is hideous.
DSCN0131I was greeted with a dance number from Zamora. Lol joking. It was for my Cooperating Teacher (CT), Sir Bernardino P. Magno, Jr.’s birthday.DSCN0151That was for the first day. For the second, my co-practicumers and I went to the school’s old gym to watch the Grade Level elimination for the Communication Arts Festival.DSCN0154DSCN0175Two-thirds Dizon, one-third Zamora.
DSCN0189Hi Patrice!DSCN0195 (2)DSCN0195The way she looks at him/her. Hehe.
DSCN0198DSCN0202DSCN0203DSCN0205DSCN0213DSCN0239DSCN0243DSCN0373DSCN0381Tell me whyyyy!!DSCN0424I am a good boy. DSCN0690DSCN0523DSCN0649DSCN0702DSCN0705DSCN1210DSCN1212DSCN1213DSCN1214DSCN1219DSCN1220DSCN1221DSCN9997DSCN9998DSCN9999DSCN0040DSCN0045

An impromptu group activity to keep the energy alive for my kids in the late morning schedule.DSCN0132DSCN0133


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