DSCN0325DSCN0326DSCN0327DSCN0328DSCN0329DSCN0330For the candid, raw and unfiltered messages via a quickly edited video; for the letters each group prepared; for the special replay of your hip-hop presentation and for the cake ♥ Thank you Gomez. DSCN0331DSCN0332DSCN0333DSCN0334DSCN0335DSCN0336DSCN0337DSCN0338DSCN0339DSCN0340DSCN0341Sheena (topmost)

Middle row from left: Ren Christian, Save Mart, Kyla, Szara, Ramysheil, Heavenly, Ma. Jenneil, Nykka, Anifah, Margaret, Eddie, April, Alyna, Ivy Lou, Vanessa and Diana.

Bottom row from left: Gwyne, Hannah, Violita, Charlotte, Ace, Inna, Francis, Thea and Jans.

PS. Carcleo, where are you? 😦DSCN0348

Zamora had a different way of surprising me– I had to cut this paper they had taped across their door.

DSCN0349DSCN0350Then, I was greeted by this S-formed cupcake 😂DSCN0354No, thank you!DSCN0362Parang may galit sila saken noh?
DSCN0367DSCN0368DSCN0372DSCN0378DSCN0369DSCN0370DSCN0371I was then serenaded. Awee!DSCN0378DSCN0380DSCN0381DSCN0382DSCN0383DSCN0384And serenaded again. Michael was teary-eyed here. Hee hee.DSCN0385DSCN0386DSCN0387DSCN0388DSCN0389DSCN0390DSCN0391Zamora being themselves.

I forgot to mention that, like in Gomez, I was also asked to give a speech. DSCN0429DSCN0427DSCN0428DSCN0429Last photo: I fail in hand coordination. Lol.

Top from left: Michael, Lance, Kyle, Joshua, Bonn, Arch Vin, Brix, Glycel, Franco, Larah, Tom, Michelle, Anne, Kin, Shaina, Lucille, and Pinkler.

Bottom from left: Carla, Crisel, Nover, Jalaika, Elaine, Kirsten, Nestor, Margarette, Lanie and Micah B.

My last class– Jose P. Laurel– did a little drama. They pretended that we were going to have a class! Haha, my CT was in on it, too as I later learned. They acted scared and they hurried to write an excuse letter so they can do their practice.

I felt a lil bit scared because my CT was so not in the mood for practices so I asked him if we were going to have classes (I DID NOT PREPARE ANYTHING THAT DAY MIND YOU).

Then, one student gestured toward the chair located at the center of the room and motioned for me to sit there.

Okay so. Haha.

True to their specializations, they gave presentations like a dance number, poem reading and singing a song. DSCN0433DSCN0443Lastly, they gave me this baby– Josephina! ♥♥♥DSCN0438DSCN0435DSCN0437DSCN0436Top row (from left): King Mark, Irick, Jobeth, Collens, Ella Mae, Nova, Marlou, Al Francis, Christopher and Lance blue jersey)

Middle row (from left): Yenna, Princess, Jean Louise, Alexandra, Christine, Nor-Aina, Theresa, Noela, Juli Mikael, Almira, Jeriel, Mary Grace, Shaniah, Alinor, Clarizza, and Gwyne.

Bottom row (from left): Darvin, Jan Kate, Cherry Jean, Jehza, Aifel, Kristine, and Dhanylane.

Thank you so much kiddos! I couldn’t have asked for better sets of students.

All the love, Miss Shem ♥


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