It was September 23, 2015.

The College Intramurals is on the heat and every event has commenced.

Debate’s not my thing and I don’t know how I got in that mess.

What makes it worse is that we’re up first.

And we haven’t researched a thing.

DSCN9738DSCN9739DSCN9740Stripey!DSCN9742🙈DSCN9745DSCN9749DSCN9752We won this round though. More tomorrow!DSCN9761Friend support? Check!DSCN9764 - CopyThe next day, we were up against DBA. Other events were also done in a simultaneous fashion. My friend above with an intricate flower braid is up for News Casting.DSCN9767 - CopyDSCN9769 - CopyDSCN9770 - CopyDSCN9771 - CopyDSCN9772 - CopyDSCN9775 - CopyDSCN9792 - CopyDSCN9795 - CopyDSCN9803 - CopyDSCN9804 - CopyDSCN9805 - CopyDSCN9806 - CopyDSCN9807 - CopyDSCN9810DSCN9811DSCN9826DSCN9828DSCN9829DSCN9831DSCN9833DSCN9834DSCN9836DSCN9837DSCN9838DSCN9839DSCN9840Okay we lost. They were soooo good. Hahaha. We’re still up for a rematch though tomorrow.DSCN9918Today’s the last day! Go go go team!DSCN9919DSCN9922DSCN9923DSCN9926DSCN9927DSCN9929DSCN9930DSCN9931DSCN9932DSCN9933DSCN9934Still we didn’t win but at least we get to go home with lessons and insights only this kind of competition can give– fluency, articulation, wit, and so much more.

Thank You for this opportunity LORD 😀


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