When prompted of today’s celebration, people will tell you about some bad-ass women who have changed their lives and their perceptions in life. They may cite Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, or Mother Teresa– people with names.

But in truth, this day is to celebrate the power that we hold in achieving what we want in our lives; the strength that is uniquely woman; and the unparalleled passion we show to the work we do, to the places we habituate and the people we interact with which means we don’t need to hang out with Miriam Santiago to feel empowered; every woman regardless of popularity, race, education, religion, etc., can empower, influence and make an impact.

I’m blessed to have spent my life with predominantly women– my mother, my siblings, relatives and friends. Through the years, they have all inspired and rebuked me, direct and indirect,

because women are supportive like that. 

To every woman in the world, you rule!



Photo: James Jamero


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