April 8, 2016 wasn’t just any day for me. It was the day I graduated. This symbolizes fulfillment of the societal standards of every person and an achievement to the lot who’s had to spend more years than what was required of their original choice.

For me, it symbolizes general success. A success in my area of specialization, in the field where survival is hard and the challenges harder, and a success in paying back to those who’ve backed me up for the last five years of my education.

Here are the people I’m talking about (‘Cause they deserve a post):

1. My parents

Too bad my father wasn’t there. But really I’m grateful to them. They never run out of support and encouragement. They can be a bit annoying but I know they’re just doing it our of love and concern. I practically wouldn’t be here without them. Ma, Pa, all your sacrifices will never go unnoticed by the Almighty Father.

2. My relativesDSCN3234DSCN3235DSCN3236DSCN3237DSCN3238

My aunt Ian and Uncle Henry, Aunt Cecile, Ate Charm, Ate Allaine, Kuya Ixing and Ken, they’ve unanimously supported me in varied aspects– emotional, financial, social and physical.

3. FriendsDSCN3206DSCN3214DSCN3216DSCN3218DSCN3224DSCN3226

Need I say more? Thank you so much guys! Without you, this journey would be boring.

4. My Mentors

The best feeling in the world is knowing that in the course of your lectures and sermons, students come to you and testify how you’ve changed their lives. I’ve only felt that during my practicum but imagine the many years some of my mentors have dedicated their lives teaching and inspiring lives?

To Sir Caloy, Ms Donna, Sir Symon, Madam Cerbo, Sir Bayod, Brother JR., Sir Dofiles, Madam Morales, Ms. Albarando, Ms Cordova, Madam Juan and Ms Nobles, thank you so much for believing in me and in what I am capable of doing.

5. Church

To my churchmates and brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you so much for all your support and prayers. We may not always see each other every Sunday and Friday but I am sure that I am always present in your priority list. Thank you so much!



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